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The History

Explore the unique history of Inishmurray Island and walk in the steps of the islanders a century before.

Stone Structures

Check out the stone structures dotted about the landscape. Inishmurray Island is one of the most important historical sites in the country.


Did you know there once was a monastery on the Island? Explore the site and learn of it's importance to the people living on the island

MV Fiona Tee

Climb aboard the MV Fiona Tee. Fully licenced and insured, it's captain Keith Clarke has over twenty years experience of visiting the Island.
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    In the Shadow of Benbulben

    This book details the history, and folklore, of Co. Sligo with particular reference to North Sligo . It covers the period from the first Neolithic settlements to 1798 through the War of Independence to the assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten off the Mullaghmore coast in 1979.! Buy the Book...
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    Constance Markievicz: The People's Countess 
    This book traces Constance Markievicz’s journey from a pampered childhood in a Sligo landlord’s mansion to her participation in Ireland ’s literary and political Renaissance. The little-known story of her daughter Maeve and her son in law, Stanislaw, is told here. Buy the book...
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    A Bitter Wind

    This book takes us on a journey into the secret heart of Irish country life in the 20th century.  Beginning with an account of the villagers’ death-defying efforts to recover wreckage from an unforgiving ocean, A Bitter Wind is an intriguing ramble through an Ireland that no longer exists. Buy the Book...

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